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American Range Heavy Duty Majestic Convection Oven

American Range Majestic Heavy Duty Gas Convection Oven
Sales price: $3,780.00
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American Range presents a new se- ries of heavy duty majestic convection ovens. All stainless steel exterior con- struction for robust durability. Unique oven cavity baffle system provides maximum efficiency. Large size oven cavity is designed to accommodate full size sheet pans front to back or side to side. 5 racks with 12 positions allow for maximum capacity along with enhanced flexibility. Stainless steel burners w/75,000 & 90,000 BTU/hr. provide rapid heat and recovery. Two 40 watt oven lights provide improved visibility of the interior. Designed and built to provide superior performance and durability.


3/4” gas connection.
All stainless steel front, sides and top. 50/50 double door, swings open 135°.
  Stainless steel, air-tight, door gaskets.
  75,000 & 90,000 BTU/hr. total heat output per oven
  Cavity width and depth will accommodate full size sheet pan, front to back or side to side.
  5 chrome racks with 12 position chrome rack guides.
  Pull-out control panel for easy access to control system.


    Draft hood.
    Stacking kit for double oven.
    Cook-N-Hold computer control.
    Single or double door glass window. Heavy duty swivel 5” casters.
    208/240 V motor and/or transformer. 



MSD-1           40”        34.3”        61 3/4”           2 


TOTAL BTU: 75,000 

KW: 26.38 

WT. Lbs.: 570  


For use only on non-combustible floors. Legs or casters are required, or 2” (51mm) overhang is required when curb mounted. Clearance from non-combustible walls is 0”. When unit is placed next to combustible walls, clearances must exceed 12” (305mm) on sides, and 4” (102mm) from rear. Radiant broilers for non-combustible locations only! American Range is a quality manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment. Due to continuing product improvements, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 


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